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Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge (2020)

Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge (2020)



Starring the voices of:

Patrick Seitz

Steve Blum

Jordan Rodrigues

Darin De Paul

Joel McHale

Jennifer Carpenter

Directed by Ethan Spaulding

When the new animated Mortal Kombat Legends movie came out, I recall not being able to remember anything about the first one. Watching it again is fun. The animation is R-rated and it is not shy of being bloody. The animation sets the stage similar to the Mortal Kombat movie released a year after.

In the story area the movie has a very easy plot to follow and animation wise, I have to hand it to WarnerBros, they have that area locked. When it comes to animation of the characters they have in license whether it be D.C. or as we see here Mortal Kombat, they seem to do enough. Enough to cover the fighting and the movements. They do not go as crazy as Disney does, but do a fantastic job no matter.

Do not watch this movie, with the hope of finally understanding everything there is about the Mortal Kombat story. It is a video game adaption like many other video game adaptions, some of the stories do not have a strong foot in. If you catch the gist from he initial setting thanks to Quan Chi letting us in about the fights between the three realms Netherrealm, Earthrealm and Outworld. With Earthrealm being the choice meat on the table, you practically know all there is to know already.

The animation starts with the introduction of Netherealm champion Scorpion Hanzo Hasashi. We see his clan and family being murdered by Sub Zero and, he too killed. He finds himself in the Netherealm where he was able to overcome the torturers, killing them hoping to meet Shinnok, only to find Quan Chi. Who told him he will get his chance for revenge on Sub Zero, if he fights for the Netherealm in Mortal Kombat.

If you carry on watching, we meet Shang Tsung a nine time winner of the tournament who hopes to win it the tenth time so his master Shao Kahn can claim Earthrealm. Outworld is hosting the tournament and Shang Tsung is like the MC. Defending earth is the Lord Raiden who gathers his own warriors so as to save Earthrealm from being the meal. His warriors here are Liu Kang, Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage.

As you would expect, they played Sonya as an uptight character who was more annoying than entertaining. Johnny Cage as clueless, but funny and Liu Kang is the boy scout. Also present from Earthrealm is Jax, who got caught in the middle of this and gets his arms ripped out.

So you have the fun of watching how everything plays out, Earthrealm defending itself, Scorpion seeking his revenge and Raiden trying to keep everything settle and on the straight narrow.

This Direct-to-video is fun and amazing to watch.


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