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Vacation Friends (2021)

Vacation Friends (2021)





John Cena

Lil Rel Howery

Yvonne Orji

Meredith Hagner


Directed by Clay Tarver


I cannot in good conscience tell you to go watch this movie, because for a lot of reasons this movie fails to deliver the need comedy and entertainment to keep you engrossed. The movie is best described as a lackluster dream that the writer probably had when high on some cheap drugs. Acting wise I have to say only John Cena seems to be into the role, everyone else seems to have taken the same drug the writer took. The movie did not only fail to make me laugh, but I started to regret trusting every ounce of me that thought a movie starring Lil Rel Howery will be good. I have not seen anything this guy did that I can say is worth watching, even his TV show was whack.

Anyways, he must appeal to some audience because here is another movie in which he happens to be one of the leads in it.

Vacation Friends is borderline predictable, and it starts with a couple going to Mexico for a vacation. Marcus (Howery) planed everything about this vacation to the teeth. Because he planed on turning this vacation with his girlfriend (Emily) to a wedding proposal. Everything crashed on his plan and the front desk clerk let the cat out of the bag concerning his proposal. Marcus proposed anyway and since all his plans were a mess, they could not stay at the hotel they wanted. That is where Ron (Cena) and Kyla come into the picture. They happen to be the reason they couple will not get their dream vacation and they suggested they host the couple. Marcus felt there was something off about this couple willing to split their presidential suite with them, but Emily felt otherwise. The movie then plunges into one of the longest flash-forward I have seen. We see clips of all the fun things they got into and when you expect a normal movie to make this, like a two-minute thing of them being crazy, the movie took its time on their crazy vacation. When it was over and the couple were already regretting making friends with this couple, they run into them again at the airport. They parted ways and months later when Marcus and Emily were finally getting married, guess who shows up.

It turns out Ron and Kyla, went hunting for their new best friends and finally found them. From here on, you can guess how the movie goes. As this wild couple turned this wedding upside down.

I can think of many ways you can waste time rather than watching this lazy production on Hulu.


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