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Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins (2021)

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins (2021)



Henry Golding

Andrew Koji

Úrsula Corberó

Samara Weaving

Iko Uwais


Directed by Robert Schwentke


Meaningless, a movie which seems to be more interested in setting itself up for a sequel, than making this movie worth warranting a sequel. Snake Eyes reminds me of the early 90s, when B-action movies were everywhere. When the henchmen were lame, and the only reason needed to drive the protagonist was revenge. The protagonist has some weird luck woven into his being, and he never seems to be out of breath or scared of death, even when he is in over his head. The movie took itself too seriously weaving a web of lies, counter-lies and trying its best to be suspenseful when it basically copied everything it knows from every other film there is.

The story is not anything spectacular, even though the fight choreography is nice, but if you are a fan of a little bit of flesh (story) to all the fighting, then you will not be liking this movie at all.

The movie starts with the murder of Snake Eyes father, when he was a child. He grows up to be a fighter, while being on the hunt for the person who killed his father. He was approached by a wealthy Yakuza boss who wanted Snake Eyes to infiltrate and take down his rivals. The boss claims he has been watching Snake Eyes for long and promises to help him find the man who killed his father. Snake Eyes took the job with the aim of finally getting what he so craved, revenge.

But things took a turn when he was to prove his loyalty to the Yakuza and instead Snake Eyes helped one of the Yakuza’s rival Tommy, escape. Snake Eyes is welcomed into Tommy's clan of ninjas who Tommy wants to use to bring order to things.

Snake Eyes also has his own agenda which at first seems to be parallel to what was going on between the two groups, but soon his conscience has him turn between his loyalty for Tommy and his desire for revenge.

It is easy to believe that everyone in this movie were on duress to make it, judging by the lack of interest every one of the actors seem to throw at us. But in comparison to other waste of reels that Hollywood has dished out lately, this may be better than a few. Notwithstanding, this movie falls short of good. The movie falls in line with the most naturally predictable things you have already seen. The moment Tommy says, he will vouch for Snake Eyes, my brain ran circles around other movies I have seen which this line precedes some form of betrayal.


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