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The Protégé (2021)

The Protégé (2021)




Maggie Q

Samuel L. Jackson

Michael Keaton


Directed by Martin Campbell


When I was done watching this movie I had one question, what was the purpose of Michael Keaton’s character?

He was at times not even present or most times disconnected from what was happening. Like they zone him out and then recall he is getting paid for this regardless and just drop him some things to do here and there. The movie is very confusing as the writer plus director seem to not know how they wanted the movie to go. There was some romance which was so stupid. Some unneeded thriller scenes and a plot so convoluted you keep wondering, why are all these things being linked together. You watch to the end hoping that they will tie everything up in a nice bow when they finally get all the strings together, but nope. The movie ends with not much of a signoff.

The plot starts with Moody (Samuel L. Jackson) going into a home in Vietnam where a massacre has occurred. He searched the home and saw a girl hiding with a gun pointed at him. Moody takes this girl (Anna, Maggie Q) under his wing and turns her into a bad ass assassin as he was. We get to see their lives and the covers they have which they use to get by. Moody is ill, and Anna seems worried. Anna goes to Moody’s place one day to discover that he has been killed. The movie then takes the path of a revenge case. Anna starts to fly about trying to track down the person who murdered her mentor and the movie then wraps itself around her past. We get to deal with the people who had things to gain in the Vietnam war.

When the man being protected is killed in the end, you get this sort of annoyance wondering, why the movie gave us such a run around on such a boring character. Then can we agree that a monologue before killing the bad guy has come and done its time on the silver screen.

Maggie Q has for years been an actress I feel Hollywood should have stepped up to a role making her a superstar, but life I guess is not fair. Because this crap is what she gets, when there are better roles where I think should have been offered her way. This movie does not in anyway do justice to her range and just waste her talents. There is no other point needed to talk about Jackson, here goes another movie where he runs around with a gun.

Saying this movie blows through with no life is a bad analogy, the movie’s existence is not necessary and neither is the need for you to see it.


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