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Hocus Pocus 2 (2022)

Hocus Pocus 2 (2022)




Bette Midler

Sarah Jessica Parker

Kathy Najimy


Directed by Anne Fletcher


If you love yourself do not watch this movie.

I have never seen such a waste of time put together in the name of a sequel. It felt like Disney were afraid the license of the characters will fall to some company and just glued some stuff together and called it a movie, so they can keep it. Because that will be the only reason to explain why this was done.

Honestly though, what was this?

I did not like the first one but recall it as one of those movies I saw a lot when I was younger, but if I knew how this will be I would have deleted the memory of the first movie. This one is stale when it comes to the comedy, it is dry when it comes to the acting and it just makes the first one seems like a masterpiece.

Where in heaven’s name did they get this plot from?

The ending was so horrible it made me want to puke. Then the beginning of the movie by giving us a background to the witches made absolutely no sense and just tarnished the nostalgia for me.

When I see anyone say anything good about this movie, I want to sit them down and ask them to please point it out for me. Or explain how the mediocrity acting of the young girls in this movie did not make you want to smash the screen.

And the lightbulb moment when the jerk found out that calling people weird and pointing out their differences is a bad thing made me mark the name of the writer.

Well, the movie starts with us seeing what made the Sanderson sisters grow to become witches. Now we are in 2022 and the incidents of 1993 has long passed. The sisters are dead, but popular with people dressing up as them for Halloween. The Sanderson cottage is now a magic shop, and the new owner was able to trick some young teenagers who believe in the whole witch stuff to go light a black candle which resurrected the witches. From here, just skip to the last ten minutes of the movie, and you will be good.

I thought this was going to be an ok movie, I was not expecting it to be magnificent, but ok. It seemed like an easy thing for Disney to do, but I guess I was wrong.


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