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Clerks III (2022)

Clerks III (2022)





Brian O'Halloran

Jeff Anderson

Trevor Fehrman

Austin Zajur


Directed by Kevin Smith


I will say it was heart-warming to see the crew again even though I feel this movie at one point lost its thrill earlier than I expected. It swamped itself daydreaming of the glory days when the first Clerks (1994) was a masterful independent film. It sums up very gently the trilogy of Clerks and fans of the franchise will enjoy it, but like me will feel the movie rested more on the glory days of black and white. It continues fifteen years after Clerks II (2006), we have a new setting, but in the same old shop.

I feel that Kevin Smith has in a way made a mess of his View Askew world and should work on other things for now. I enjoyed the characters that emanated from the world (and many made cameos in this movie) but seeing their old faces reminds me that this franchise has done its time.

If this movie never existed you will not miss anything, it is unlike Clerks II, where the new characters brought a new dimension of comedy, this is more of the same old guys telling us goodbye. The movie had little to no impact for me to the world, killing off characters to end a franchise to me is lazy.

Also, the moments the characters get their awakenings, you are already drawn to the limit of smiles you can afford to strain on your face. The good thing is, by the time you get to this limit, the movie draws the curtain and ends. For that reason, I give it a 6/10, it knew when to end.

The movie starts with an update on what has happened so far in the lives of the two Dante and Randal run the quick shop. Jay and Silent Bob now run the store next to Quick Shop, which is now a legal weed shop, although the two are still used to doing things the old way.

During a heated conversation with Elias and Blockchain, Randal suffers a heart attack and when in the hospital he comes to a revelation that he has wasted his life. He decides that he needs to leave a mark on the earth by making a movie of his life. He decided to use the people around him as the actors and extras to cut cost. The movie making now takes a back sit and it becomes something like the making of the first Clerks (1994). The movie then takes us through cool moments of the first Clerks (1994).

Watching this movie for me is a choice and the movie is something that only fans of the franchise can enjoy as it does not work well as a stand-alone movie to go and see.


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