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The School of Good and Evil (2022)

The School of Good and Evil (2022)





Sophia Anne Caruso

Sofia Wylie

Laurence Fishburne

Kerry Washington

Charlize Theron


Directed by Paul Feig


I give the movie one thing; I did not see somethings coming. It looked predictable, but in the end all my predictions were wrong. That aside the movie is just another hope of creating a franchise by doing some remix of the old fairy tales we know. The movie has a knack of forgetting its own characters, over playing some instances, and generating feelings between characters that never existed in the first place.

It is poorly written, and the casting was hit and miss in many places. There were some castings which flowed and others which just made you wish you can smash the screen when their faces came up.

The movie had an idea, this adventure fantasy work will change the way we see things when it comes to fairy tale stories stores. The movie failed in doing this.

It reminds me of the ABC series Once Upon a Time. Which for the first five seasons or so had the whole remixing fairy tale thing working perfectly and then got carried away in its own idea and sunk the show in never ending arcs and repeating instances that never got anywhere. This is how this felt, even though some of the way the characters ended may not have been what I thought, by the whole plot was just rolling round and round.

The movie is about two friends Sophie and Agatha who live in a town which treats them as outsiders. The two girls always looked out for one another and spend many of their times reading stories, with Sophie craving to be saved. She wanted so badly to be like the Princesses in her stories saved by a prince. There is a place called the school of good and evil (a place Sophie has read about and so wishes to be taken to the school of good) where our fairy tale characters go for their training. The good ones are enrolled in the school of good and the bad ones the school of evil. It so happens this pair of friends got enrolled and one day as Sophie and Agatha were walking a creature came to catch Sophie. Sophie knows this creature was her redemption from her reading about the school of good and evil. The creature is going to drag her to the school of good to be a princess. But Agatha was not going to let any creature take her friend and she held on to Sophie trying to free her, but the creature just took them both. Agatha is not thrilled with this new outcome. Sophie on the other hand was thrilled she was going to be in the school of good with her friend. But here comes the switch, Sophie gets dumped in the school of evil and Agatha in the school of good.

From here the movie just sinks into oblivion of the two wanting to get Sophie into the school of good while an old evil magical man wants to make sure things stay as there are so he can gain more power.

Give it to Netflix to spend so much money in casting and effects and then ruin the whole thing with lame script.

The movie then decide to end in the most stupid predictable way, the veil between both worlds have been torn.


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