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The Outfit (2022)

The Outfit (2022)




Mark Rylance

Zoey Deutch

Johnny Flynn

Dylan O'Brien


Directed by Graham Moore


The movie was ok, this old school themed movie, has what you will expect from the crime noir of the 60s. The plot is good, drenched with lies, double crossing, secret lives and more double crossing as we try to wiggle our way out of a very long web. The movie makes you look at the tailor as the author of all the confusion setting in, but then unwound and tangled on the legs of someone else.

The Outfit chief selling point will be the lack of unnecessary action. This crime thriller had like three shoot scenes, but safe to say you can count the amounts of bullets used. Set in Chicago in the 50s. The movie starts with a tailor as he tells us how he handles sewing suits for his clients. There seem to be more than what he lets off which is one of the predictabilities of this movie. Even as the web of lies is being drawn around him, soon the movie enters a rhythm where you see the possible outcomes of many issues. These things can make you either like or dislike how this movie is setting up. Leonard (our tailor) ran his shop with one assistant called Mable. Now there is a gangster family who as we saw in Sopranos run things through the shop. If Leonard does not say anything to anyone, then all is well.

We soon learn that Leonard makes sure to distant himself from the activities of the mob who run things though his shop. His assistance has a dream to travel and is saving up.

But the crime boss son had this lose tongue on him that made him come out more mouth than work. One day the tailor meets one of Mable’s boyfriends and that made him uneasy, but that uneasiness was nothing compared to when the next day the son of the crime boss shows up shot in his shop and he now must care for him. He was being helped by the crime boss right hand man, Francis.

Leonard’s wanting to be distant from the dealings of the family fell apart in one instant as he was now knee deep in their business. The police were after the family and the family want to fish out the rat in their crew.

Soon the crime boss shows up and things no longer starts to add up as Leonard was seeing guns being branded and many people pointing hands as lies seem to be the only thing keeping him and the others from being shot by the crime boss.


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