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A Haunted House (2013)

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A Haunted House (2013)


Marlon Wayans
Essence Atkins

Directed by Michael Tiddes

This Marlon Wayans movie is a cheap mistake, it is wrong on so many levels and it tries hard to be like Scary Movie but Wayans just went overboard in the rate of disgust and sexuality in this found footage movie that is meant to be a comedy/horror spoof film. 

It always amaze me when movie makers think perversion and disgust is what you need to make a good spoof movie, I don’t think it is entertaining when a movie shows a girl taking a dump or farting in her sleep; It is disgusting to witness in real life worse to see it on screen. A haunted house has all of this and more. Yes, there are times where I did laugh, but when I was done watching the movie I felt more like I just violated my eyes. The sodomy scene in the movie was the height of it all for me as I almost stopped watching.

The thing is after you are done watching this movie spoof that took ideas from The Exorcist (1973)and others you start to wonder how to rate it, 5/10 for making you laugh sometimes or 4 for making you want to puke. The movie plot is about a couple, Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) and Keisha (Essence Atkins) who decided to move in together. Keisha has for long been haunted by a ghost, so as she moved in with Malcolm so did the ghost too.

Here is where the movie gets a twist (according to Wayans) Malcolm knows that white people are the only ones who stay in the haunted house black people run for their lives, so he tried to convince Keisha that they should run, not knowing that the ghost is actually haunting Keisha, it was when they called in a weird gay psyche before all the truth is exposed.

Another major problem I had with the movie is the way they just violated the whole exorcism thing. I’m no catholic, but I don’t think such should be played with some things should just be left alone. I’m not a fan of horror movies since all they do is bore me, so I haven’t seen any of the popular ones lately but if they are anywhere as similar to what I saw now, I thank God I haven’t taken the time to watch them.

As horrible as this movie was, and as lame a cinematography it had, the movie was a financial success, as it made more than 10 times its production cost of 2.5 million in the box office. Which to me is amazing because after watching the movie I never want to see it again and I can’t advise anyone too either.


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