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Fire With Fire (2012)

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Fire With Fire (2012)


Josh Duhamel
Rosario Dawnson
Bruce Willis

Directed by David Barrett

I don’t want to believe that a good plot is hard to come by; I also don’t want to believe that Bruce Willis was in this movie, but all this happened in Fire with Fire. The idea of gang violence and the fact that one man can just wake up one day, turn from a life saver to a killer (also an arsonist) and end the entire operation of a mob takeover, is to me too ludicrous a plot to think you have a reason to make a movie.

Yet this movie was made, with a lot of expense also because the stunts and work done will show you that money was being spent, the delivery of the actors is not the problem it is what they are delivering that is the problem and the movie’s cinematography shouts amateur.

Fire with Fire is a 2012 direct to DVD drama action film, in the B-Movie genre that features our Die Hard series veteran Bruce Willis, Josh Duhamel (Fergie's Husband) who played Captain/Major/Lieutenant Colonel William Lennox in the Transformers Trilogy and Rosaio Dawson (Rent (2005) and Eagle Eye (2008)). Willis part in this movie is so minor and uneventful, the reason why he is placed on the DVD cover when his role in the movie is so minimal. It is a sure marketing strategy and a money making endeavor, Willis will be paid well and have little screen time, while the promoters splatter his pictures everywhere with the aim to fool fans to purchase the DVD. I’m sure his part in the movie could have been shot in just 3 days.

The plot is about a fire fighter Jeremy (Josh Duhamel) who witnessed a murder done by a known murderer and mob leader Hagan, somehow by share luck Jeremy escapes and goes to the cops. He is now placed under witness protection so that Hagan will not be able to reach him.

But the relentless Hagan found him, almost killed his new found female love (Rosario Dawson) and started hunting down his friends. Jeremy decided to take matters into his own hands and take Hagan down.

With Fire with Fire, what we have is a movie produced by 50 Cent (which is another reason to stay clear), predictable to be the last breath and an ending that was just out of place, all through the movie, the protagonist was either beaten when he should have shot, or waste time moaning over a hurt love when he should be shooting, save your cash.


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