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Pursuit to Algiers (1945)

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Pursuit to Algiers (1945)


Basil Rathbone
Nigel Bruce

Directed by Roy William Neill

Pursuit to Algiers is the 12th Basil Rathbone and Bruce Nigel Sherlock film, and it’s based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters. The movie is noted to have taken some characters and elements from Conan Doyle’s The Adventure of the Red Circle.
The movie’s plot is quite ingenious, as it takes you unawares in the way things just turn up, with Sherlock proving to be a mastermind genius from the way he disguised the King, to the way he got himself on the boat, after sending Dr. Watson ahead.
Majority of the movie is shot in a boat setting, and the movie even ends on the boat, which gave way for us to see some nice cinematography and the plot shows a little of what many people think Sherlock is, a guy who is too smart for we the rest of the world. Before this was The Woman in Green (1945) and that was also directed by Roy William Neill, who actually did a better job here than he did in The Woman in Green.
The screenplay was done by Leonard Lee, who did a good job making sure each time you spent watching this movie, anticipation is created as you are curious to see how Holmes is going to pull it off, and the final twist in the movie was just the icing on the cake of this masterpiece.

The movie’s plot starts with our duo planning a vacation to take a load off the unending cases that they seem to be swamped in, when some series of fortunate events start to happen on their way home, Sherlock was able to deduce from the series of events that he was been called for a meeting.

After he had solved the events to deduce the address (which was basic elementary if I could say so myself) and time of the meeting, he attended it and he is giving a task which he took.
The task was given to him by the prime minister of the fictional country of Rovinia, who begs Holmes to escort Prince Nikolas back to his country Rovinia. It turns out that his father has been assassinated, and Nikolas is the next in line to be king, but since he left the country at birth to be raised in England no one but the prime minister and a few knows what he looks like, and the assassinators of the father will stop at nothing to kill Prince Nikolas.

The movie is a nice watch, it is one movie that you watch, and then you gather your friends around to watch with you and just telling them that there is something at the end that they can’t guess what it is. It is a nice addition to anyone’s shelf of movie collections. The ending joke of the movie had Sherlock telling Watson that no matter what, Watson should not take up a career as an actor as he is a bad actor, which is why sometimes he (Sherlock) has to keep things from him.


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