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The Last Stand (2013)

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The Last Stand (2013)


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Forest Whitaker
Johnny Knoxville
Rodrigo Santoro

Directed by Kim Ji-woon

The Last Stand is very entertaining, and it was fun seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger again in the lead role as an action hero, one role he has mastered through the years. It is most definite that this movie was made for Arnold fans. The movie is much like the oldies, it has a weak script, it’s got plot holes, it is raided with uncalled for one liners not to mention the babyish dialogues and over the top action all over, I loved it and Arnold was amazing. The main antagonist drove a modified Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 car that he used to perform some really impressive car stunts.

The movie is directed by Asian director Kim Ji-woon and this is his first American film, the writing of the movie is very weak and as you watch you kind of become eager for the three seemingly parallel plots/events to meet and finally after 33 minutes into the movie they meet and it was explosive.

The movie plot is about Sheriff Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger) a retired LAPD officer who has resigned himself to a life in Sommerton Junction, where the only crimes he has to deal with, is people behaving out of order. His subtle life in Sommerton was disturbed when the most notorious and wanted drug kingpin in America Gabriel Cortez had escaped from the FBI under the watchful eye of Agent John Bannister (Forest Whitaker). Cortez has to pass through Sommerton to escape from the FBI and cross the border to Mexico.

Owens at the time of Cortez escape and drive towards Sommerton, was busy trying to solve a murder in his town when the men who committed the murder (Cortez men) took down one of his deputy and were ready to take down anyone that gets in their way of a safe passage for their boss who was speeding down in a modified Chevrolet. Owens then decided that such will not be tolerated and he suited up and went all terminator in the town.

The movie cinematography is not that grand, there were scenes where I wished I could see more than what the camera was showing. The last Arnold movies before this were The Expendables (2010) where he had a Cameo appearance and The Expendables 2 (2012) where he had more screen time and even killed some bad guys.

I can say most definitely that this movie is not for those who have a desire for good movie depth, wonderful dialogue and interesting cast. Here is a movie for the Arnold fans and them only.


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