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Stand Up Guys (2013)

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Stand Up Guys (2013)


Al Pacino
Christopher Walken
Alan Arkin

Directed by Fisher Steven

Stand Up Guys is a movie that as soon as you get over the first 35 minutes of grossness and drama + intro, all that is left is a bag full of laughs and eye brow raising scenes, that made me enjoy watching the movie and even wanting more, because the movie ending is left open for you to fill in the blanks.

The movie is composed of two old stars, Al Pacino and Christopher Walken and its original song is done by Jon Bon Jovi. Both actors delivered an expected combination of finesse and chemistry that you can only get when two veteran actors stand side by side. I have for long been a huge fan of Christopher Walken, one reason being I have not come across an actor that can make me laugh even when the scene involves just reading a book. Another reason for loving Walken is just because he can play any role hero or villain, comic or drama and still deliver a performance that will make you smile at how well it was done.

All this said doesn’t mean Al Pacino is not as good or in the eyes of others better, but in this movie Walken caught my eye, Pacino’s performance is one that makes you accord respect to him. My favorite scene is when Pacino is taken to the emergency room because he popped too many Viagra pills, look out for that scene.

The movie is about Val (Pacino), who just got released from jail after 28 years, all because he refused to rat out his friends Doc (Walken) and Richard Hirsch (Alan Arkin). After his release, Val craved excitement one that he pushed Doc to provide, Doc did his best and that night turned from, just getting Val laid to, breaking into stores, rescuing a rape victim, busting Richard of an old people’s home and out running the cops.

Val’s release also led to a confession and a funeral.

What Stand Up Guys is composed of is good acting, the cinematography is not exceptional, the screenplay on the other hand is masterful and captivating, the moment Alan Arkin is introduced we get to see some cool driving stunts that was meant to make you wonder what these characters were like in their younger days. Fisher Steven (Crazy Love 2007) was the man on the director sit for this movie.

It is a short movie, just like 90 minutes long, but I tell you it was 90 minutes well spent and I did find the movie funny enough to want to go see it again, so when it is out in the cinemas near you, take out time to go see it. Although this is not a date movie, it is a guy movie.


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