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Be Cool (2005)

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Be Cool (2005)


John Travolta
Uma Thurman
Vince Vaughn
Cedric the Entertainer
Harvey Keitel
Christina Milian
Andre Benjamin
Dwayne Johnson

Directed by F. Gary Gary

It is not all the time you get to have a movie that you believe is cool and everyone else may beg to differ.
Be Cool is extremely funny, and the movies inside gags were the ones that cracked me up. I noticed them as the movie progressed and thanks to Wikipedia I have them listed below.

The movie is a crime comedy film adapted from Elmore Leonard's 1999 novel of the same name. If you recall, Danny DeVito was in the prequel to this movie which was also an adaptation of Leonard's 1990 novel Get Shorty, which was also the name of the movie released in 1995.

Get Shorty showed Chilli Palmer's life when he decided to go into the movie making business, here in Be Cool, Palmer decided to switch to the music business, and the switch would have been smooth, but you know Palmer from Get Shorty, Palmer wants, Palmer gets regardless of who is in the way.

The movie features enough stars like the first movie, and it didn't just splatter them all over the screen, director F. Gary Gary made sure they all got enough time to deliver their part in the making of a nice movie.

I love this movie and I have seen it quite a number of times, laughing my head off as always. The acting were top notched the comedy was well delivered and the music…

For me the makers didn’t have to completely focus on that, but they did the music was off the hook, especially the Aerosmith and Christiana Milan duet.

Be Cool’s Inside Gags
  • At the beginning of the film, Chili sees an advertisement for Get Lost, which is the sequel to Get Leo—the film within a film he produced in Get Shorty. He expresses his distaste for sequels, as well as his dissatisfaction in failing to prevent Get Lost from being made, despite the fact he himself is a character in a sequel. The first line of the movie is Chili disgustedly dismissing the advertisement.
  • Tommy proposes the idea of making a movie about a young singer who wants to make herself big with the help of a record mogul who makes it happen which becomes the main plot of the film at hand. Almost every factor Tommy mentioned in his pitch, such as gangsta rappers and the Russian Mafia, ends up happening in the film.
  • Chili was asked by Marly the FBI about his meeting with Tommy when he replied "I know what you're getting, Marla. You think that I set this up. But the truth is he wants me to make a movie of him. How can we make a movie when the main character get pop up in the first scene". The Detective replied, "Yeah, not a bad opening". Tommy responded "Yeah, you are right. You know that worked for American Beauty." The Detective and Marla replied, "Sunset Boulevard." "Or Casino." Well, Tommy was shot in early part of the movie, if not the first scene.
  • When the idea is brought up to Steven Tyler, he vehemently rejects the possibility of being in a film and declares that he is not one of those singers who does bit-part cameos in films, despite the fact that that is exactly what he is doing in this film.
  • The one time the word fuck is used in the film is in talking about the MPAA's policy that said curse word can only be used once without censorship in a PG-13 film without bumping the rating up to R. Be Cool uses that word only once, in the first scene: "Do you know that unless you're willing to use the R rating, you can only say the F-word once? You know what I say: Fuck that. I'm done." For the rest of the film, several characters come close to using this cuss word but are cut off or censored in some way before they can.
  • The dancing scene between John Travolta and Uma Thurman is reminiscent of the one they portrayed in Pulp Fiction.


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