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The Librarian: The Quest For The Spear (2004)

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The Librarian: The Quest For The Spear (2004)


Noah Wyle
Bob Newhart
Jane Curtin

Directed by Peter Winther

It is 2014 and TNT has decided to introduce to us a new series called The Librarians. I started the first episode and had to stop because I felt there was little to no introduction to what this series was about. Using everyone’s best friend, Google, I discovered that there are three movies tied to this series, which prelude it.

The first being, The Librarian: The Quest For The Spear. Here we get introduced to Flynn Carsen played by Noah Wyle, who is a mix of Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones, with a slice of goofiness added to the mix. Flynn is TNT’s Indiana Jones, and the movie is about a Library where mystical and magical articraft are stored and kept away from the hands of those who can use them for their selfish needs and to hurt the world.

We also get to meet the Guardian, who is assigned to The Librarian to keep him safe.

What can I say, for a TV movie TNT did all they could to keep you interested in seeing what this movie was about, from traveling in caves, discovering hidden chambers and deciphering hidden languages. Did I forget to mention maps that need some special tool to read them?
This movie has it all and The Librarian has the knowledge and gift to use and discover these mystical items.

In this movie Flynn was picked by The Library as the new Librarian after the death of the former one. Flynn took a while to understand what his job entails, but soon gets involved in a mission to save the world, when a mystical spear goes missing, as thieves broke into the library to steal it.

The spear is the one that pierced Christ on the cross, and anyone who has it will have ultimate power, which can be used to… (take a guess) take over the world.

The spear is in three parts and the thief stole one part of it, Flynn has to get the other two parts before the thief does, or else (take a guess again) the world is in danger.

To help Flynn on the way is his guardian Nicole (Sonya Walger).

In the end, I enjoyed Flynn and his chase. It was like watching a great B-movie of Indiana Jones.

I will be watching the second part as I’m curious to see what the Librarian will be up to again, what weird mystical thing will be lost and only he can find.

The goof in the movie were major, in the end Nicole shows up and says to him a deadly scorpion group has found H.G Wells time machine and Flynn complains of how the bad guys seem to have insect names. This went over my head because in this film the bad guys were called the serpent brotherhood. So what was Flynn on about?


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