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Paul Blat: Mall Cop 2 (2015)

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Paul Blat: Mall Cop 2 (2015)


Kevin James
Neal McDonough

Directed by Andy Fickman

Once in a while I like watching the comedies universally panned by critics because they can be so bad, it becomes really funny. You watch the movie wondering, it can’t be that bad and they surprise you.
The thought I had when the credits started rolling was, “they knew.”

They knew that this movie was crap right from the beginning, they knew they didn’t have anything and all they had was people like me who liked the first movie and would love to see a second part and they cash in on that.

In this crap pot, which Kevin James co-wrote Paul and his daughter went for a security officer’s convention in Las Vegas, it so happens the hotel they were in Wynn Hotel was also the location of a crime operation.

In the midst of the convention criminal master mind Vincent (Neal McDonough) and his accomplices disguised themselves as hotel employees to properly position themselves as they steal priceless works of art from the hotel and replace them with replicas.

Things were going great for both Paul and Vincent, somehow in the middle of the movie, until their paths crossed and Paul passed out from lack of sugar.

They would be stupid to make a part 3, this was a financial ploy, taking advantage of the audience. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 is another Happy Madison Genre, of bad writing, weak characters, and a sad excuse for comic entertainment. Yeap, the movie is that bad and more, as it tries to string up shameful jokes and totally avoidable stupidity with the aim of making you laugh hard.

In the end you do laugh though, not at the movie, but at yourself for wasting your time and your finances to go see this movie. Whose script lacked any form of seriousness, to be accepted as well thought through idea.

The whole Mall Cop thing in the first movie, where Paul tries to deter some bad guys alone was good, and that does not give Happy Madison the right to ruin a good memory. I had to go wiki the director (Andy Fickman) up because the movie experience felt like he had never directed a movie before in his life, yet he has been in the business since 2002.

The movie was a commercial success, why? Because people like me wanted to watch Paul Blart again.

Happy Madison productions an Adam Sandler company is making money from mediocrity, I can’t wait for such to stop.


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