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Dual (2022)

Dual (2022)



Karen Gillan

Aaron Paul

Theo James

Beulah Koale


Directed by Riley Streams


Dual is one of those movies that when it ends you are left unfulfilled. There is so much missing in this movie that seems to have setup a future that likes violence for a reason that I feel is so complicatedly woven into their world. I feel there is a better way to handle the transition from original to clone, but this movie leaves all that complication there. Making me feel the writer wrote this movie from back to front. He had an idea of a future where for two people (an original and a clone) want to live in the world one must kill the other. With that ending in hand, he wrote a story to join it. Instead of coming up with a better story and work out a better ending, they just put some things together and submitted it as a finished work.

Director and writer Riley Streams did not do a good job here.

In the end, I found myself asking… is there a moral to this? If not, then is there a point to be made? All these questions were whizzing in my brain because the movie failed to entertain enough for me to careless about other things.

The plot is about a future where people can choose to clone themselves and have that clone take over their lives in the case they are longer living. Our focus is Sarah (Karen Gillan). Sarah has a depressed life, unfulfilled and in a dead relationship which is just hanging on with strings. She has a bad relationship with her overbearing mother and just wants everything to end.

One day she woke up in a pool of her own blood to discover later that she has a terminal illness. She not wanting the two main people in her life to be without her, Peter her boyfriend and her mother, she decided to clone herself. The double will start living her life with Peter while wait until she dies before telling her mother. Well, things did not go so well, the double and Peter hit it off. The two became intimate fast and Sarah had to endure that, but she felt since she was going to die, the pain will not be there for long. News flash, she is not going to die as soon as she thought, there was a miracle. Sarah gets home that day to share the news with Peter, only to find her double in a meal with Peter and her mom. Sarah is angry and could not understand the level of betrayal from Peter and her double. They have moved on without her and Sarah is now left alone. Her mother prefers the double to her own daughter and Peter doesn’t want to have anything to do with Sarah, he wants to be with the double.

Sarah takes the matter to the authorities, and she is told she and the double will have to duel for who will be the one and only Sarah.

The movie does not end in a way I felt justified the journey to it and I believe in the end the movie should have been done better.


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