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Senior Year (2022)

 Senior Year (2022)



Rebel Wilson

Sam Richardson

Zoë Chao

Mary Holland


Directed by Alex Hardcastle


There was no point in this movie that will have you say, wow! There was neither any point in this movie that will have you say, cool! This movie is poor, bad, and desperately needed to get a grip of itself.

It does not play close to being truthful about reality and does not even make any attempt to entertain. The movie feels like something Rebel Wilson had to make so that she can pay the bills.

Netflix is complaining that they are losing subscribers and they fail to understand that one of the reasons they are losing subscribers is because of how poor their movies are. Bad acting, bad writing, and annoying characters. Even when the movie flipped the script in what the mean girls in high school are and will do, it didn’t matter – I had already lost interest in this movie to care.

Our character lead is Stephanie who was not part of the popular girls in the late 90s and early 2000s in high school. She decided to do something about that. The seventeen-years-old Stephanie joined the cheerleading squad and became very popular. She was now complacent and selfish to her true friends and was focused on being Prom Queen. Her rival Tiffany had her own plans and in one of the cheers Stephanie was tossed in the air and Tiffany pushed the catcher away. This caused Stephanie to hit the ground hard and fell into a twenty-year coma. When she woke up, she was now the thirty-seven-years-old Rebel Wilson. Who, if you remember was in a coma for twenty-years, but was able to walk with no challenge at all. Now I have slept and woken up and had difficulty walking, not to imagine being asleep for twenty years. Let’s add to an already annoying revelation, Stephanie had enough energy to talk with no challenge and even gained weight. I do not need to be a doctor to know that all these medical miracles is not remotely possible. And people she was released the same day she woke up from coma.

Now out in the world she is still seventeen in a thirty-seven body and was acting seventeen all through the movie. The whole acting seventeen was annoying to behold and made watching the movie more like a burden than anything else.

Netflix needs to shape up and do better if they want to keep their subscribers and stop blaming password sharing for their bad delivery of good entertainment. Do not bother seeing this movie even if you have nothing better to do, you may end up clawing your way at your own eyes.


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