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Seven Psychopath (2012)

Seven Psychopath (2012)




Colin Farrell

Sam Rockwell

Woody Harrelson

Christopher Walken


Directed by Martin McDonagh


Seven Psychopath gives you a feeling like you are watching a Quentin Tarantino movie, but it is not this movie is the brainchild of Martin McDonagh. He wrote and directed this masterpiece, and contained in it are characters that are memorable, developing before your eyes. Each having their own deep dark past, and we watch them crawl up to the surface. The characters are in deep dialogue with one another, and the sharp dialogue unveils dark things about each, that makes you know this movie has some of the best dialogues I have seen in years.

The movie is bloody, violent and with numerous comedic undertones. My love for Christopher Walken brought me to see this and his character delivered. Walken plays Hans an old quaker who at first starts off trying to navigate a life with his dying wife, and we get to see how he navigate living when she dies.

I enjoyed when the big reveal comes up and you see that everything that the characters are going through is because of one of them actually being, a psychopath.

Seven Psychopath is the name of the script that Marty is working on. Marty (Colin Farrell) is a screenwriter going through some writer’s block. His good friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) is an actor and a part-time dog kidnapper with Hans. Billy kidnaps a dog belonging to a gangster named Charlie (Woody Harrelson). Charlie loves his dog and is willing to kill everyone involved in her disappearance.

There is a character running around in the movie killing bad guys, a serial killer of killers.

Billy wants Marty to be done with his screenplay and suggests ideas as often as he can. When Charlie tracks down the dog kidnapers his men capture Hans and forces him to take them to his and Billy’s hideout. There Hans meets Marty for the first time, Hans is unaware that Billy stole a dog off Charlie and stood his ground ready to die than give up Billy. Marty on the other hand would rather not, he was about to sell out Billy’s location when the killer of killers shows up and kill the men holding the two at gun point.

The three meet up and discuss the situation, but Charlie was angry and took the matter personal when he killed someone close to the three. The three decided to run to the desert for a while to think of how to handle the situation. There we get to know more about them and much more than we could care to know.

I had no idea of this movie’s existence, until I saw the clip of Walken refusing to put his hands up on TikTok. I used that info to track down this movie and I am glad I did.

Awesome magnificent and worth watching any day.


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