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Emergency (2022)

Emergency (2022)




RJ Cyler

Donald Elise Watkins

Sebastian Chacon


Directed by Carey Williams


Emergency is a movie that is setup to make you think how crazy this world is. If you are living under a rock and do not believe that there is racism and some racial bias to the way things happen in this world of ours, you may not like this film. This movie just shows us the racial bias of this world while laying down the troubles of trying to do something right in a world that does not reward such things.

I like the acting and the story of this movie, this comedy-drama has many things happening at once and does not fail to make you feel the tension going on on-screen. You may watch this and think, the first I will do is call the cops, “that is just what anyone will do.” In reality, maybe that would have been the best suggestion, because taking the lady around just complicated her health and their life the more.

Emergency is about two roommates (Sean and Kunle) who plan to have a wild night by attending to all the frat parties happening on campus. They get prepared step out, when Kunle remembered he forgot to close the fridge which houses his cultures. They run back to the house to find a young girl passed out in their living room. Carlos their other roommate forgot to close the door, which allowed this lady to just wonder in. Confused and not knowing what to do, they check her to be sure she is still alive. Kunle wants to call the cops, but Sean kicks against it saying how are they going to be able to convince the police that they did not do anything wrong. They are two black guys and let us not forget Carlos, so they are guilty before even the cops arrive. The problem is now what are they going to do. Sean recognises the dress she is wearing as one from one of the parties they are planning to attend. The three decide to go there and drop her off at the party.

Carrying her into the car begins one of the worst nights these guys could have had. The car gets damaged, they get chased by three people on bicycles accusing them of kidnapping the passed-out lady. They get mistaken for drug dealers by an old couple and almost even kill the girl they trying to help by letting her drink (unknowingly) a spiked drink.

The whole thing started out with a lady passed out in their living room and ended with a gun pointed on Kunle. The movie is one ride I would not want to experience at all.

But watching it is fun and guaranteed to be fun for you too.


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