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Mad Max 3: Thunderdome (1985)

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Mad Max 3: Thunderdome (1985)


Mel Gibson
Tina Turner

Directed by George Miller

Distributed by Warner Bros.

This to me is the low of the Mad Max series and the only one with a PG-13 rating. With all the cruelty, action and inhuman behavior sipped out in this Mad Max movie, Thunderdome was just a movie I think was better off left on the shelf for the future when a good story will be available.

The movie boasts of a wonderful action sequence when it comes to the Thunderdome fight scene, where Max takes on Blaster. The avenue for the fight was set up in a circus like way and the tools for destruction were scattered everywhere in the dome.

Mad Max 3: Thunderdome was released in 1985 as a post-apocalyptic film. It is directed by George Miller, who also directed the first two prequels to the movie.

The movie plot has our protagonist Max, travelling through the wasteland after the nuclear war has rid the world of all normal civilization. He got robbed and lost all his belongings as he travelled the desert. He followed the robbers to Bartertown, a city on the edge of the desert that has managed to retain some technology.

There he got involved in a power struggle between the woman who runs the town Aunty (Tina Turner) and the brains of the town Master.

When he (Max) refuses to kill Master’s henchman Blaster based on a deal he struck with Aunty, he got exiled into the desert where he was rescued by some children who believe he was the man there were waiting for, coming to take them back to civilization.

When Max tells them there is no civilization left, some of the children decided to go seek it out on their own. Now Max has to go save them from the clutches of Bartertown.

Just like its predecessors Thunderdome had a chase sequence which was more of a bore compared to the one in Mad Max: The Road Warrior. Also Bruce Spence, who played the Gyro Captain in MadMax 2: The Road Warrior plays Jedediah, a different character who robs Max at the start of the film; don’t be confused because both use flying machines.

The children in the movie were more annoying than there were planned to be and I didn’t feel sad for them because they were just annoying and the way they dressed reminded me of the Lost Boys in Peter Pan.

The thing that I like most is that (seeing this for the first time) Tina Turner had a role in this movie and the song “We don’t need another hero” was one of the soundtracks in this movie.

There is going to be a Mad Max 4, but sadly the baton has been passed to Tom Hardy (played Bane in The Dark Knight Rises 2012 and he was also in Lawless 2012) George Miller also will be involved in directing this new Mad Max, whose budget is 5 times more than the combined budget of the first three Mad Max movies.

Well, Thunderdome is something to see when all other movie options have been satisfied.


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