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Time Changer (2002)

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Time Changer (2002)


D. David Morin
Gavin MacLeod

Directed by Rich Christiano

Good Christian movies are hard to find, Time changer is one Sci-Fi comedy Christian film that made me take some time to think about my life and look ahead into the future saying, “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain”. It made know that the devil is trying to take the name of Christ away from all we do and leave behind the false believe that morals is all I need to live a righteous life.

Written, directed and produced by Rich Christiano and it falls mainly in the genre of a dramedy. When you decided to watch this film accept in your heart that you are sitting down to watch a Christian movie that is the only way you can really enjoy and appreciate the art. But if you are in search for a Sci-Fi movie with accurate scientific facts then maybe you should take the time to go watch Star Wars and its kind. Time Changer is about our Lord Jesus Christ and the benefits of having him in our daily lives, with the recent fear for approval and acceptance in this world we live in, many times we leave out the name of Jesus from our conversations so as to not scare off those we are talking to, something the movie condemns.

In reality the plot has holes, if that is what you want to know, but the plot is straight forward fun: Set in 1890, a Bible professor Russell Carlisle (D. David Morin) wrote a book titled The Changing Times, which promotes good morals without discussing Christ. His publishers believe the book is going to have a good sale if he (Carlisle) can get the board of the Grace Bible Seminary where he teaches to endorse the book.

At the Seminary, all but one of the board members did not support the book endorsement Dr. Norris Anderson (Gavin MacLeod) without unanimous support by the board members, his book will not be endorsed by the Seminary.

Carlisle is outraged that Norris will stand against his book publication, but Norris tells him that you can't teach morals without discussing Christ that if Carlisle pushes such out into the market it will start to destroy society as a whole.

Norris father had built a time machine (ok, now I know this sounds lame and out of place, but the movie is good), which Norris himself had used to see the future (our present) so he was able to convince Carlisle who thought Norris was raving mad talking about a time machine, but just stands (as Norris starts to operate some levers) to prove to Norris that such talk is ludicrous and time travel is not possible, but as Norris pulls the last lever Carlisle finds himself in the 21st century (our present day).

Time Changer is a good Christian film, one that Christians should take the time to watch and appreciate.


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