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Pacific Rim (2013)

Pacific Rim (2013)


Charlie Hunnam
Idris Elba
Rinko Kikuchi
Charlie Day

Directed by Guillermo del Toro

To be honest I cannot find a reason to tell anybody to watch this movie, the critics rating for this movie is too high (rated 72% on Rotten Tomatoes ), which amazes me, because after like an hour into the movie I was so tired of all that is going on and I wanted to leave. It is not the whole fiction that fagged me out, but all that led to what some will think is a grand ending just made me want to sleep.

I advise anyone that wants to watch this movie to wait and loan it from a friend, as I regret not only the time that went into seeing this flick, but the financial implications that follow.

When you watch movies like Real Steel (2011) which also featured robots being synced with humans, you notice that the idea of using robots to fight can be done in a fluid manner and not made to look stiff.

In the Hugh Jackman movie Real Steel, the robots were controlled by humans also, but the robots were human size. Here in this Pacific Rim the robots are as large as dinosaurs and they require two humans to control them, the human brain is synced with the robots control mechanism and the two humans synced together for the control of these robots have their brains simulating the right and left hemisphere of the brain which is simulated by the robots CPU.

Now this large robots are really massive making them stiff in their movement, which is understandable, but annoying. All the same as the fight scenes were slow, it looked more like the monsters were slower themselves. Making it seem like it was not a fair fight from the origin, the Robots were meant to win.

Then there is the theory of world destruction which is due to some mystic alien forces that have created a portal and are sending these monsters to our planet to wipe us out. The theory is cool, (Spoiler Alert) but then the whole kamikaze thing to destroy the portal at the end felt so much like Independence Day (1996) ending, ironically Independence Day (1996) was also about alien invasion.

When it comes to directing and acting, the movie had it, but to me Guillermo del Toro had it in mind to make a Transformersmovie with a difference, so he just pulled ideas together and came up with this movie.

As I said I will not be watching this movie again, and I will not recommend it either, because I keep asking myself what is there to watch.


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