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47 Ronin (2013)

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47 Ronin (2013)


Keanu Reeves
Hiroyuki Sanada

Directed by Carl Rinsch

47 Ronin. Read about it, watch the trailer and then wait for the DVD to be out, borrow it and watch the last 20 minutes, if it is a most that you must see this film. If it has also been a while that you have seen crap, here is one for you that is a total load of nonsense.

(Spoiler Alert)
The movie boast of the best of the best in Japanese actors and then add the Matrix (1999)star Keanu Reeves and you will expect an explosive movie, but to be honest I had to struggle to keep my eye open while watching this movie. The build up to the final showdown was too long and when we were going to meet the demons I was expecting more than what I saw. These were the guys who trained the hero, but all they did was talk, talk is cheap men do some moves free the whole illusion paparazzi.

And when he had to take on the dragon lady, he sliced and diced and cut this dragon over and over, but the dragon still kept coming at him. I began to wonder if the dragon was immune to pain or the skin couldn’t be pierced.
But then, the dragon lady attacked the princess and Keanu had to save the princess isn’t that what heroes do, since the days of Mario Bros. they have been saving the princess from the evil villains, one of which was this dragon lady, who by the way all through this movie I didn’t fully grasp her agenda – but let’s get back to what I was saying, when she went after the princess all of a sudden the sword pierced her skin, in fact Keanu character had some hidden powers that we only get to see once in the whole 100 minutes of this movie


I have never seen a more boring face off than this, when the main bad guy was taken on the supporting hero I was expecting a well-crafted fight, but again I was disappointed.

The only thing good in the movie was the acting. And the only reason you should see this movie will be… to be honest there is no good enough reason to see this movie. I heard it also going to be a financial disaster. That is not good news for any studio, but I’m not surprised.

Before I forget about the plot, here is a summary. The bad guy wants to marry the leader of another clan’s daughter, who so happens to like a half breed named Kai (Keanu Reeves). The bad guy’s henchwoman was a witch who now caused the death of the girl’s father and the exile of his protective guards. Who happen to be Samurai’s, Kai and the Samurai’s were exiled from the village and then they reunited and sort revenge. (Something like that)


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