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Last Vegas (2013)

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Last Vegas (2013)

6/10 (for effort)

Michael Douglas
Robert De Niro
Morgan Freeman
Kevin Kline

Directed by Jon Turteltaub

Last Vegas is just The Hangover (2009) for oldies, it is an exact replica of The Hangover (2009), the difference is just this time the Wolf Pack is called the Asshole Pack, and it is a bunch of old guys in their 60s (or 70s) trying to live life as if they are still in their 30s.

The movie has this weird making a sacrifice by giving up the girl thingy that was just off. The thing about the movie is the cast, the cast is just out of this world. We had Michael Douglas leading the pack followed by Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline. All four of them putting out the best acting and making sure that you get to enjoy every scene.
And when it comes to life in Vegas, these guys just didn’t fit in and they didn’t even try and that was what I liked about the movie as their trying to be hip attitude was funny. The comedy was well welcomed and it was cool, but the biff between Douglas’s character Billy and De Niro’s Paddy was really stupid, as it was just not going well with the flow of the movie and at one time in the movie when the issue was brought up I wished I could skip forward.

The movie had a lot of funny moments, some may rub you off the wrong way if you are nearing 50 though, but if you are younger you will not mind the sex jokes and the free pass reference. Also, one thing you will enjoy is how these guys were off when it comes to the new age tech.

The movie is about four best friends who have managed to remain friends for over 58 years. One of them Billy (Michael Douglas) was still a bachelor though and he finally decided to get married to a woman that was half his age. He called his old friends up for a bachelor party in Vegas, they all show up and decided to have one day when they all get to feel young again.
Which is what the movie is all about, their time in Vegas.

On their way to Vegas Sam (Kevin Kline) was given a free pass by his wife. Archie (Morgan Freeman) had to get away from his over protective son by lying that he had gone for a church retreat and Paddy (Robert De Niro) had to be convinced to get over his grief about his dead wife and come along.

I enjoyed the time I spent watching this movie and I think you would too.


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