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The Wedding Ringer (2015)

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The Wedding Ringer (2015)


Kevin Hart
Josh Gad
Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

Directed by Jimmy Garelick

A friend told me I will enjoy The Wedding Ringer, since I’m not a Kevin Hart fan and I didn’t fancy his other film Get Hard (2015).

The Wedding Ringer was better than Get Hard (2015) when it came to the individual characters because here I did get to appreciate Hart’s acting and that of Josh Gad. But when you add them and other crew that came with this movie, what you have is people who seem not to gel at all. Then the story to which this movie was based on, was so lame and out of the window dull that if not for scenes like a dog biting Josh Gad’s character Doug on his genitals.
Or the scene where Gretchen (played by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting: Gretchen is Doug’s soon to be wife) picked a song for their wedding which happened to be the song she and her ex-lover had playing in the background the first time they made love. I would have stopped watching this movie way back when.

The movie plot is very odd, Jimmy (Kevin Hart) is what you will call a professional Best Man, as he renders Best Man services to men who lack friends to fill the position.

Doug is a man about to get married to a woman out of his league, so happy to be nailing such a catch. Doug called everyone he had called friend in the past, for them to be at the wedding. None agreed to show up, then he hired Jimmy to come make the magic happen. Jimmy keeps things professional between the two and hires other men to pose for pictures with Doug, so they could pass as his friends and grooms men.

Everything doesn’t go well for this wedding (can’t say much to avoid spoilers). But the movie took a surprise turn from the time Gretchen choose the wrong song, until the end.

For me crap is crap, but some good things on the side is what keeps you watching. The Wedding Ringer had those good things on the side even though the main dish was a total waste and tasted horrible.

Well, the good side of seeing this movie for me is I got to appreciate Kevin Hart as an actor, but still struggling to see a movie that will make me change my perspective about him not being as funny as they say.

If you have missed this movie, I will advise you just keep moving, except you are one of the Kevin Hart fans who won’t mind seeing him in a good role for once.


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