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Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Beauty and the Beast (2017)


Emma Watson
Dan Stevens
Luke Evans
Kevin Kline
Josh Gad

Directed by Bill Condon

I owned a VHS tape of Disney’s 1991 animation movie Beauty and the Beast. My sister and I watched the movie to the point that we could not only sing along, but knew the words from the start to the end.
I have been opportune to see a Disney based stage-play of the animation and I never thought a full-length movie can be done to capture all the great moments of the animation.
I still say though, none has.
This movie is great that I must say, but when you grow up with a VHS tape you must have seen more than a hundred times you can only but compare.

The music in the animation to me were song better and in the end when the transformation from Beast to Prince was being done in the movie, I felt the animation did it better. Other than that, the movie was fun to see the CGI was out of this world and Disney once again turned one of their Renaissance classics into a full-length movie.

There is no stopping Disney from completing the transformation of the classics into movies and I for one cannot wait to see what they do when they take jabs at Lion King (2019), Tarzan or Aladdin (2019).

What is not to like, when watching this live action/CGI masterpiece. The music was true to that of the animation and some additional songs added, to give this musical more drama. Then there were some tweaks in the screenplay and also script to proper accommodate the way things will play out if any of the incident in the movie were to actually happen.

Disney’s fantasy adventure movie is based on the classic Beauty of the Beast story which they tweaked the way Walt Disney always does this old tales into animated classics. This movie is based on such classics and the acting of all the casts were on point in every way.

The tale of Beauty and the Beast is similar to the animation. A proud prince turn out an old woman who was looking for some shelter. The woman turned out to be an enchantress and placed a spell on the prince and his castle, turning the prince into a hideous beast and his servants into household items.

To break the spell the prince most find someone who will love him for who he is.
Time is not on his side, as a rose whose petals are falling are his countdown to get someone to love him and break the curse.


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