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T2 Trainspotting (2017)

T2 Trainspotting (2017)


Ewan McGregor
Ewen Bremner
Jonny Lee Miller
Robert Carlyle

Directed by Danny Boyle

Trainspotting the sequel, or T2 Trainspotting is more of a nostalgia movie than a sequel which could standup to the awesome delivery of the first movie.

Taking my time to go through this movie was not as fun as I expected, and the movie did not start to hit home until when the remaining cast of four (since Tommy died of AIDS in the first movie) got together in one place. Sad though that scene lasted for like five minutes.
T2 Trainspotting, follows the life of the four who performed the drug sale some twenty years ago.
You will recall from the first movie that Mark (Ewan McGregor) ran away with the sixteen thousand which was supposed to be split amongst the four.
Now Mark is in his forties and has decided to move back to Scotland.

Many of the fresh, slick fun of the first movie isn’t in this one and the movie also lacked the awesome cinematography and effects that was greatly influential in the cult stardom of the first movie.
The characters are now older, but still could deliver and capture the fun which is expected when you see them reprise their roles once again.

The movie had for it though the element of surprise, many of the things that were happening on screen will catch you on aware as you will not be able to faithfully predict how things were going to turn out.
The cut scenes where we see the characters when they were younger or a visual aid to what they were talking about, to me was distracting and in a way made the movie longer than it was supposed to be.

T2 Trainspotting is loosely based on Porno the sequel to the book Trainspotting written by Irvine Welsh. The movie is also directed by Danny Boyle and I will not say it was a wasted sequel, it did tie up loose ends between the friends and gave them an ending that kind of befits them.

That said, the movie plot and screenplay kind of dragged a little, from Mark returning and lying about how great his life is, when he had nowhere to go. Simon (Jonny Lee Miller) blackmailing people to get by and Spud (Ewen Bremmer) struggling to cope as an addict and a father.

Mark’s return was met with blows and punches from both Simon and Spud, but together again the three decided to do one more money-making gig.
On the other hand, Frankie (Robert Carlyle) has broken out of jail and is trying to raise his son to be a burglar like him. His reunion with Simon led him to believe that Mark was still in Amsterdam.

Simon’s plan was to get even with Mark, but even that was not planning well as Frankie is even more out of control than he was in the first movie.

T2 Trainspotting is a movie to watch after you done watching the first, but do not expect it to live up to the expectation of a classic like the first movie did.


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