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Get Out (2017)

Get Out (2017)


Daniel Kaluuya
Allison Williams

Directed by Jordan Peele

I’m so glad that Jordan Peele decided to change the ending of this film from a sad racial discrimination ending to a happy one, with a goodbye joke for the black race to laugh about.

I’m black and there is no way I will go to a house and some white people start behaving funny with some hypnotizing stuff going on and I will not run away in the night. The lead character Chris, decision to continue to stay on even after the above was happening is not something you can blame him for, the dude was in love.

The movie is a directorial debut for Jordan Peele. He wrote the movie which is different from his regular genre of comedy, but the movie is so well done that I think he can continue in this line. The movie was a critical and commercial success making over $194 million dollars in the box office on a $4.5 million production budget.

The movie’s characters are set to be weird and unnerving and each character pulled that off in ways that you will have to see to understand. In addition to this is the way Daniel Kaluuya portrayed Chris.
There is a lot of tears in this movie and a lot of reasons to be spooked and Daniel delivered in making we the viewer feel his emotions every step of the way.

Not much CGI or visual stunning effects, the movie plays on its masterful storytelling abilities to deliver the chills. Although the movie is not scary, the movie is thrilling and interesting.

The movie starts with a brief introduction of the happenings in the town our lead character will be heading. Chris introduction in the movie is memorable with the awesome Childish Gambino song, Redbone playing at the background as he shaves and we meet his white girlfriend, Rose.

They go on a road trip to visit her parents and while there, Chris notices that they have an all-black servant duo. This makes Chris uncomfortable as during the days he was there, both were behaving funny and making him worried that something was up.

One faithful night when he went out for some air, he runs into Roses mother who then hypnotize him and he wakes up all shock up.
He calls his friend to tell of the ordeal and his friend panics and asks him to get out of the house. Chris decides to stay, but when he meets another black person who happens to be married to one Rose’s aunty, and an incident with his phone led to the man attacking him and telling him to, “Get Out!”

When he finally decides to leave, but things changed for him as the family didn’t want him to leave.
You must see this movie, especially if you are black.


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