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The Boss Baby (2017)

The Boss Baby (2017)


Starring the voice of
Alec Baldwin
Steve Buscemi
Miles Bakshi
Jimmy Kimmel

Directed by Tom McGrath

When The Boss Baby started playing in the cinemas, my friends and I decided to go see it believing we will laugh hard and piss our pants.
In reality what happened was I fell asleep 20 minutes towards the ending and was nudged back up so I will not miss the not so dramatic or special ending that I would have preferred to miss.

This Dreamworks Studio animated fantasy story based on a 2010 book of the same name by Marla Frazee missed the mark on funny and put so much emphasis on trying to make the already ridiculous situation even more ridiculous. The whole plan of the animation was to pass to us an idea that will sit well with children. Removing sex from baby creation and have instead a form of baby factory in the sky. This may go well with children, but the only reason this movie did well in the Box-office is because of the voice casting.
Alec Baldwin was casted to voice Theodore Templeton/The Boss Baby. Baldwin’s distinctive voice gets you alert and you care curious to see the extent to which the writers were willing to push it. The writer and director did well in pushing Baldwin to make some comments and sounds that tickled me as I pictured seeing him doing it in person.

A not so noticeable voice is that of Tobey Maguire, who was the voice of an older Tim (The Boss Baby’s brother).
Other than that, the animation was not special, neither was the story and even the pace of the movie could have been better done.
Another thing the writers added to the movie are cut scenes into Tim’s fantasies an idea that was not well done and became such distraction, that it became an irritant when it happens.

The movie plot is about a suit wearing briefcase carrying baby who was sent from Baby Corp. to stop a plot that will lead to the end of parents wanting babies and rather settle for puppies.
The Boss Baby was sent to the family of the Templeton, there he had an older 7-year-old brother Tim, who is struggling with the new addition to the family.

Tim soon discovered that his baby brother is not a baby at all, but has the mind of a full-grown adult and was on a mission. His desire to get rid of his brother who is now clamoring for the same love and attention he used to get from his parents led to him offering to help his brother stop the villain who is trying to wow parents with puppies.

There are better things to do with your time and money than to sit down and watch this movie.


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