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The Corridor (2010)

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The Corridor


Matthew Amyotte
Nigel Bennett
Stephen Chambers

Directed by Evan Kelly

What is worse than having hot coffee poured on your lap on a hot day? A horrible movie splattered across your screen claiming to be a horror film.

Once in a while, we decide to give a horror B movie flick a twirl, and at times we get our time and money worth, but then there are times we just feel like smashing the screen due to the mishap happening there, that some producers want to pass on as movies.

The Corridor doesn’t try to make you like it, it just goes on and on till you wish you hadn’t seen it at all. No effort to impress from either the director or the actors, it is like all just wanted to make a movie and didn’t care about what it was about or how it will be viewed on screen.

If you are reading this, then the possibility is that you have either seen this movie or planning to; if you have seen this and you think you just saw a movie that is cool; well, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

My opinion is "what was I thinking, after the first 30 minutes or so, I should have just walked away?"

This movie lacks all the fun a movie should have and all the reason a movie should be made, acting was not okay, I must admit, all the guys would have been better off in another movie, as they showed that they had what it takes but here all you see is just waste.

But the idea that a corridor like passage in the snowy woods can make you connect to things that you never understood, and then send you down the path of insanity came up to the mind of someone and he wrote this!

What beats me is that he thought this through and felt this was a good movie idea.

It just escapes all my reasoning that a human being wrote this, and a studio picked it up and got someone to direct it. The movie is tagged Horror, trust me i didn't even blink at any scene.

All in all, if you have not gotten the idea before now that I don’t like nor recommend this movie to anyone then maybe you should read this review again, slowly; because it is better than the movie itself (the review that is).

No scene in this movie is not even worth remembering.


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