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Coach Carter (2005)

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Coach Carter



Samuel L. Jackson
Robert Ri'chard
Rob Brown
Debbi Morgan
Channing Tatum
Rick Gonzalez
Antwon Tanner

Directed by Thomas Carter

Distributed by Paramount Pictures

2005 was a good year for movies, in that year we had Batman Begins, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Be Cool, Madagascar, and of cause the remake of the 1974 movie of the same nameThe Longest Yard.

Another good movie that came out in January 2005 was Coach Carter, the issue that Coach Carter addresses are more important than the movie made them to be. Although the movie is a stretch of 2hrs 15 mins, it makes a mess of some issues I believe should have been properly addressed.

Not to hit hard on this movie, it is a nice put together, telling the true tale of a real life Coach Ken Carter, who was more focused on his students doing well in school than them doing well in sports. He made them study and closed the gym when they dropped in grades.

The movie addresses this simple plot in a well crafted screenplay, using Jackson as the protagonist and driver of the message detailed above; this was a masterpiece in performance by Jackson and I do commend him for it, it was also nice to see the other cast living up to the moment spent on the screen, as each cast pulled a rabbit from a hat performance, when the focus was on them.

But back to the flaws of Coach Carter, the writers kinda made a mess of the pregnant story, I don’t know if it really happened all I know is that it does happen. In a world where people are not well groomed and they now become mothers at teenage age shows a failed society. It is never cool when babies start having babies; but the truth is, MTV is making money off this people pregnant at 16 to me should be boycotted cause it displays a decaying society with thrill.

These shows celebrate what we should frown on. Promiscuity is not a way of expression, it is stupidity. The worse part now is abortion which is also to me what people see as a way out from handling their responsibility; all this shows a depreciating value system.

Coach Carter was written with this same value system, as the pregnant lady is neither addressed nor is she condemned it was just accepted as a part of the things that happen. I think we need to look deeper, and wonder where we have failed, if a movie could play the pregnant issue as just one of those things then we are near the end of destruction than we think.

Directed by Thomas Carter who worked on Save the Last Dance (2001)featuring Julia Stiles before this and the Ben Carson in 2009 after Coach Carter.

If you haven’t seen this movie or wondering what am raping about, pay a visit to your local video store and buy the DVD, promise it is worth the pay.


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