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Halloween (2007)

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Halloween (2007)


Malcolm McDowell
Sheri Moon Zombie
Tyler Mane
Scout Taylor-Compton
Brad Dourif

Directed by Rob Zombie

“If it ain’t broken, don’t try to fix it...” is what they say, but the Halloween franchise is broken and Rob Zombie tried to fix it.
What he did was, he took the killer that was one of the first to introduce the slasher genre (that is after Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960)), Michael Myers, and gave him a beginning. When John Carpenter introduced us to the psychopath killer Michael Myers, there was little blame thrown in the area of his upbringing and little was shown how the external factor had a role in the creation of this psychopath.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween is like a prequel and a remake as it kind of answers the questions to how Michael Myers became who he is and after he broke out from the insane asylum that he was in, the movie then goes in the realm of a remake of the 1978 classic.

To be honest I still preferred this to the classic, although I don’t care much about the origin of this psychopath, just the brief intro that we had in the 1978 classic was enough. The whole prequel that Rob Zombie added was welcomed by me the viewer, but it was dragged like over 30 minutes. I actually got tired of waiting to see this guy go all crazy, but when it did start it was cool. It was more of like seen this before somewhere, but cool. The sexual level of the movie was high and mostly not needed, but I guess Rob wanted to be true to the original while adding his own bit in the mix.

Our Halloween franchise and movie (for those who don’t know who Michael Myers is) is about a man named Michael Myers, who started his killing spree at a young age when he killed his elder sister and her boyfriend after they were done having sex.
He got locked up in an insane asylum and after 15 years broke out. Now this psycho killer is on the loose killing with no remorse. The safest thing to do when Michael Myers is on your tail is to kill yourself before he kills you.

The acting in the movie is one thing I found hard to take in, the lead actors were all good in their roles, but the extras were just off (which is why I will rate the movie low). I have never seen a huge bunch of extras with little or no acting skills (except in some B movies) like the one that this movie provides.

If you ever are in the mood to watch the whole Halloween franchise, don’t skip this one. It is as good as the first in my book.


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