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Junior (1994)

Junior (1994)


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Danny DeVito
Emma Thompson

Directed by Ivan Reitman

You cannot watch Junior and not conclude with me that Arnold can be an outstanding actor when he is well casted.
Junior is one movie I remember seeing and enjoying every time I get to see it from when I was young, we will in high school then laugh at the sight of a pregnant Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Dosed with enough estrogen you will be amazed on how Arnold pullout a performance worth commending as a man going through the life and struggles of pregnancy, from the irritation to mood swings this is one movie you should see to commend Arnold’s acting ability.

How did Arnold’s character get into this mess you may ask, well He and Danny DeVito (Dr. Alex and Dr. Larry respectively) were fertility doctors who had been working on experiments to get chimpanzees who are having difficulty conceiving to be able to have baby chimps. The experimental drug they have been using on the chimps have been highly successful and both have invested money and time into this, decided to move on to present their findings to the FDA for approval.

What both did not envisage happening is that their work will get shutdown, by the FDA and the lab where they were working for them to make way for another fertility testing led by Dr. Diana (Emma Thompson).

Alex didn’t take the shut down well and decided to leave the country and go back to his home country to consider continuing with his project, Larry’s finances are all drowned into this working out so he convinced Arnold to stay and they take the project to the next phase, testing it on a human host.
It is illegal for them to do this, but Danny could careless as he wanted this to work more than anything.
With the fear of not getting found out, they decided to use Alex as the guinea pig for the fertility experiment, all he had to do was to carry the child through the first trimester.

Leaving behind many of the scientific inaccuracy in this movie, I will like you to step into watching this movie with a mind open to enjoy the performance of these two amazing actors flanked by Emma Thompson.
Both Arnold and Danny had worked together in the movie Twins, which was also directed by Ivan Reitman and Twins was a huge financial success.
I believe the studio and Reitman believe they have a working financial pairing.

Junior was a financial success in the end, but like Twins not well received by the critics, but I can guarantee you that you will not sit through either this or Twins and not be entertained by the absurdity of both films script settings.


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