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Twins (1988)


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Danny DeVito

Directed by Ivan Reitman

Twins isn’t just any old good movie from the 80s it is one of the best movie of the 80s. Starring the ever-interesting Danny DeVito whose character’s comedic portrayal will have you laughing for days after viewing.
His presence and the unlikely pairing of both he and Arnold Schwarzenegger in a situation that is mostly highly unlikely is what will first get you to giggle when the movie kicks off.

The movie has this pair play twins. Yes, I know it can be hard to believe that both could even pass as brothers not to mention twins. They are fraternal twins who were separated at birth on reasons like a social experiment after being conceived from the sperms of the highly intelligent men.
From when the movie gets going you will notice the difference in the two (other than their physical differences of cause) Julius (Arnold Schwarzenegger) was raised with love and all the needed training and attention to make him a highly educated, mentally and physically built adult with an IQ that was above normal. His street smart was at the lowest of the low making him a highly functional high IQ naïve muscular individual.

His brother Vincent (Danny DeVito) on the other hand was street smart, but the problem with his street smart was his greed. His greed got him into more trouble than he could handle. He ran his business into the ground, owed money to different people and struggles to keep a relationship as he can’t keep his junk in his pants.

Julius tracks down his brother, who doesn’t believe him at first until they discover the hospital they were conceived.

Vincent steals car when he is down on his luck and a car stealing deals led him to steal a car meant for a killer and in the trunk, was something worth millions.
Now his life and that of the people around him are in danger, not only because of what he has in the trunk of the car he stole, but also because of the people he owes money.

The acting of Arnold in this movie did not standout as much as I would and he seemed more out of place in the role than I would have expected, but all of that was negligible as Danny DeVito and the other supporting cast were able to fill up the blank and make the movie more of the fun and memorable Arnold movies to be seen.

You will think the studios will leave this movie alone in the 80s and allow us to move on, but the movie was a huge box office performer and both Arnold and DeVito settled for a pay cut to take part of the movies box office intake, which resulted in a huge payout for both.
The studio has decided to make a part three called Triplets now I know the plans are in motion with Eddie Murphy set to play the long-lost brother of the two.
If this movie doesn’t get made I will not miss it, but if at the end the movie does come out as I heard it will, I wonder how the scripting will make up for Eddie’s race.


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