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The Survivalist (2017)

The Survivalist (2017)


Mia Goth
Martin McCann
Olwen Fouéré

Directed by Stephen Fingleton

The Survivalist is a movie that is so into itself to even try to make you enjoy what it has to offer. What it did have to offer is another Will Smith I am Legend kind of setting, where we see a few people only present in the movie. Set sometime in the future this movie is about a time where there is a drop in world population and a lack of food.

Unlike I am Legend, here there are other humans around, who are hungry and are looking to raid and kill to get some food.
The movie’s main character is also not so inviting, as the movie introduces him dragging a body and burying it. He lives in a cabin, where he planted food, so he can survive being far and alone from everyone else.

Like, I am Legend two more people came to join him, in his created silo of survival. A woman and her daughter. In this case though, the woman is old and her daughter was the bargain chip she used to get some food with the survivalist.

Her daughter was offered to him for sex, an offer he so happily accepted, the next day he tried to kick them out, so he can be left alone with his crops. But some kind of relationship started between them, when the woman’s daughter was kidnapped, and he had to go save her.

Time went by, and one day the group was raided, they survived the raid, but not their food and the shortage was now a problem, as the three of them know they cannot live on this lack of food.

You will think more things happened in this movie, but the main problem I had writing the plot is that, even after re-reading it I feel that is all there is to know about this movie.
I cannot ask anyone to go see it because there is nothing to see. You will think a movie set in some form of future chaos, will have enough chaos and action to make the whole event of seeing this movie, eventful, but get ready to be let down.

Winning many independent film awards and earning a BAFTA nomination – you will think this movie will come packing, but the acting for me had nothing to offer.
The screenplay was not so eventful so there is no need for praise and the whole setting seems to have been done in some dude’s farm.
Don’t bother watching this film, I have already done you the favour.


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