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What Happened to Monday? (2017)

What Happened to Monday? (2017)


Noomi Rapace
Willem Dafoe
Glenn Close

Directed by Tommy Wirkola

When a movie is named in form of a question, you are left to watch and answer that question on, what happened to Monday?
All I knew about this movie is what I saw on the poster, seven sisters so I assumed something apocalyptic happened on a Monday (day of the week) – well that is not what happened in this movie that I can tell you with ease.
The movie is playfully exciting and although seeing a family being killed or torn apart can be very moving, get ready for a ride that will leave you biting your nails from the very moment the question comes to your mind, what happened to Monday?

Here is a dystopian science fiction thriller, which dystopic focus is on overpopulation, famine and a forced political law of a one child policy.
The movie dives into its tale head on, in this future the world has adopted the one child policy and many technological advances have been set in place to make sure that every family adheres to it.
If a woman becomes pregnant, the child is taken from her and processed which means she is cared for, until a certain age when she is then placed into the cryosleep. Cryosleep is a process people know less to nothing about, except what they are told.

Unfortunately, a man named Terrence Settman who has not seen his daughter, Karen Settman for years was called to accept his grandchildren as his lost daughter has given birth to seven children, septuplets and died in the process. He arranged for their identity to be kept secret and he decided to name them after the days of the week, the first being Monday.

He raised the children all by himself, creating a system that each child only gets to leave the house on the day of the week their name falls on. He used their strengths to pick a career for them in the banking sector and they continued that process, going to work all of them on the day of the week their name falls on. They were using a unique name Karen Settman and every sibling was unique in their style when they were at home, but on their day to go out, everyone dresses and act like Monday.

To make it a lot easier, they record important aspects of their days to share with the others.

As their lives continue, it became complex and many ideas was working to tear this little safe nest they have apart, because if they are caught, they will be placed in Cryosleep if not worse as they have evaded being caught for thirty years.
One Monday however, Monday did not return from work, causing the others to panic and worry.

Not knowing what has happened to Monday, Tuesday decided to go find out on her day and trace Monday’s footstep. That did not go well as she was arrested and taken away, and the others saw it happen via the live feed from her.

Soon their home gets attacked and the whole family is now in chaos as their secret is out and their lives is in danger and they still don’t know, what happened to Monday?

The movie is filled with visual effects right from the very beginning to the end. Effects that are well received.
I found the cinematography as a welcome addition to the good scriptwriting and I can guaranty you will enjoy this movie as long as you do not even try to think of how possible it can be or how weak or the amount of plot holes in the movie.


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