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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)


Ben Stiller
Amy Adams
Owen Wilson
Steve Coogan
Hank Azaria

Directed by Shawn Levy

The first film was decent fun, different and very surprising for someone like me who just caught it on TV.
After the financial payback of the first a part two was developed. This new movie did not lack in the fun I had in the first movie. It was ok in that, I enjoyed the characters like I did in the first movie and I was glad they introduced new characters to give you a sense that something new was in place.
It was sad that the three oldies from who guarded the museum in the first movie part was cut out from the theatrical cut – so, don’t expect to see them.

The movie did pack the same CGI fun it had in the first and the tale continues for Larry as thus. He now runs a company of his own selling inventions which are ideas he got from his stay in the museum.
He learned from one of his many visits to the museum to see his friends that the exhibits will be moved to the Federal Archives at the Smithsonian Institution to be replaced with holograms. The only thing to remain at the American Museum of Natural History was the Tablet of Ahkmenrah and if this happens the exhibits will not come to life anymore.
They made peace with it and the exhibits were being shipped to Washington DC.

Larry receives a weird phone call from Jedediah (Owen Wilson) who seems to be in a form of distress, and he informs Larry that, Dexter the monkey stole the Tablet and brought it with him to the Smithsonian. Now, The Tablet has now brought every exhibit in the Smithsonian to life.
Larry must now travel to Washington and find a way to help because from the call everything was out of order. He went with his son and posing as a night guard they were able to navigate their way to where the exhibits were being stored.

The movie had a love interest for Larry in it, which you will have to watch to find out who it is and there is a new villain in play.
Ahkmenrah’s evil older brother Kahmunrah, who wants to use the powers of the Tablet to take over the world. That task is a tall glass of water, which brings everyone together to try and stop him.
This movie does spring enough fun and adventure to be watchable. In the end, even though I felt this movie should not have been bothered to be done, I didn’t feel bad for seeing it.

It got the same critical reception as the first movie and was a box office performer, so there is a part three in the making.


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