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Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Always Be My Maybe (2019)


Ali Wong
Randall Park

Directed by Nahnatchka Khan

Love the romance in this one and the comedy always hit home as this movie had some very very amazing moments. Keanu Reeves here was just good fun. He plays himself and to be honest it was funny seeing douche-bag Keanu Reeves.

Ali Wong and Randall Park both worked in the writing and production of this movie which they both starred in the lead roles. They had a great on screen chemistry, and it was a charm to see them together. Wong is someone I'm not familiar with in the acting world, but she was good enough to partner Park to make this movie memorable for me.

The movie is a Netflix original and the plot has Wong and Park play Sasha and Marcus respectively, who are childhood friends from San Francisco.

They were inseparable at one time in their life and had feelings for each other, but were just too stubborn to say anything about it.
Sasha basically grew up in Marcus' house with his mother teaching her how to cook. Her parents were hardly around, and Marcus’ kind of filled in.

After Marcus' mum died the two had sex for the first time (losing their virginity to one another) and the experience ruined their friendship. It wasn’t the sex, but their words after that did the damage.

They parted ways, with Sasha leaving to become a successful chef and Marcus staying back finding it hard to move on with his life.

Sixteen years later, they've grown up and have become very different. Sasha has given up everything for her work. Marcus has given up on everything all together.
They both reconnect when Sasha returns to San Francisco for a two month period to open a restaurant. After some very entertaining moments a romantic relationship begins and we get to see some of the demons both have deep down come out swinging.

The movie is one of those brief and straight to the point kind of matter. The was a brief time we spent seeing the two trying to get by without one another, then they are together and have to deal with the things they fail to address.

The director here Nahnatchka Khan is someone you will be familiar with, if you ever saw the show she created for ABC called Fresh Off the Boat. The TV-Show also stars Randall Park.

So take some cool time with your lady to sit back and watch this movie on Netflix and you will be glad you did.


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