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Child’s Play (2019)

Child’s Play (2019)


Aubrey Plaza
Gabriel Bateman
Brian Tyree Henry
Mark Hamill (voice of Chucky)

Directed by Lars Klevberg

The new Child’s Play reboot is cool after a patient wait to see Chucky go rogue. It does start small and we get to see Chucky build his way from killing a cat, to all round massacre. The movie may have been fun to watch and to see a change in the plot and the origin of Chucky, but you just wish the made the movie creepier from the early stages. It took a while before Chucky gets obsessed in the way he was handling his obstacles to Andy. Then somehow even Andy became an obstacle in the end, to Chucky trying to please Andy.
I did enjoy seeing this movie and for those who loved the old franchise you will enjoy seeing the movie too. Yes, you may miss the idea of a serial killer’s soul possessing a doll, but I felt they over flogged that horse until there was nothing left. Both the creator Don Mancini (who has been involved in all the old Child's Play movies) and the voice actor Brad Dourif, who has been the voice of Chucky for all seven movies are not in any way involved in this movie.
Mark Hamill was the voice of Chucky in this movie and he was magnificent.

The changes here are obvious from the get go, instead of a Good Guy Doll we have a Buddi doll instead. We know the Good Guy Doll was just a doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer making it kill. Here the Buddi doll is a broken toy which glitched its way into a serial killing doll.
In the factory where these dolls are being made an employee wanted to get even with the company that made the dolls/line manager. He decided that the best way to do this was to remove all the safety features on the Buddi doll before shipping it out.
This caused the doll to malfunction and when it was bought – it was returned to the store where it was gotten from, because it glitched a lot. The store clerk that received this broken doll was Andy’s mom. She decided to keep the doll instead and give it to her son.
She is a single mom, trying hard to make things work for her and her son so getting this doll free was a great deal for her. Andy immediately noticed that something was wrong with Chucky, and when Chucky tried to strangle their cat for scratching Andy. Andy told it not to do that again.
Chucky always wanted to play, but Andy has made new friends and Chucky did not like that. The doll decided to make Andy happy by getting rid of anyone or doing what it believes will make Andy happy and be his best friend only.

The movie ends by making sure there is a room for a sequel, but with the slow start at the box-office, it must make a huge splash overseas to see this happen.


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