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Spectral (2016)

Spectral (2016)


James Badge Dale
Emily Mortimer
Max Martini

Directed by Nic Mathieu

Spectral is a movie that just swings high with a bad ass dude with Iron Man level brain, who can make weapons out of scrap parts. This Sci-Fi movie is about a U.S. war in Moldova, when the U.S soldiers are being massacred by something invisible to the naked eye.

The production budget for this film has to be massive because of the scenery, artillery and costumes on display. The acting is top notch on every side and the movie seems to be set in an altered present where human tech is on a high level. You may need to brush up your Einstein for this one, because in between all the jargon there are some elements of truth.
Do not get carried away thinking about aliens when watching this film, this is a spoiler it is not aliens it is something more creative than that. The writers were not trying to get away easy on this one.

The movie plot starts when we see some American soldiers getting killed by what looked like a ghost. They can’t see these things with their naked eyes, but when they adjust the settings of their googles on their helmet, they see these ghosts.

These ghosts are highly dangerous, when they contact human body, the human’s organs are frozen stiff and their outer body is burnt and definitely they die instantly.
These ghosts can go through walls, jump very far and seem to be able to cause damage on even movable items.

They call in the expert, the man who created the googles, Dr. Mark Clyne (James Badge Dale) to come to Moldova and see if he can explain what the men are seeing before they die.
While the American government thinks the Moldova’s have developed a new form of camouflage suit and they wanted it.

The whole challenge in this movie was stopping these things and Clyne was bent to find where they were coming from. With him is Fran (Emily Mortimer) a CIA agent who was sent to get the technology so the Americans can adapt it and use it.
So, like everyone will think, the best way to catch something that looks human is, pack a bunch of soldiers to try and catch one of these things that look like ghosts. You will be surprised how weird people are when they see their colleagues die, by something invisible to the naked eye and cannot be stopped by bullets. You will expect their common sense to say, run.

The movie is fun and is worth the time.


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