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Child's Play 3 (1991)

Child's Play 3 (1991)


Brad Dourif (voice)
Justin Whalin
Perrey Reeves

Directed by Jack Bender

What ever reason it was for them to make this movie, the end result was just dreadful. Child’s Play 3 is more like Chucky goes to army camp. The movie is so much of a drag, playing the general stereotype of what T.V. tells us army schools are like. The whole CGI was a step up to the previous film, but other than that the movie was a step down.

Everything about this movie screams stop watching. The characters were not engaging enough and there was a forced love interest on a much older Andy. This for me is the worst movie in the franchise, and it was not worth the minutes spent seeing what it has to offer.

Written again by Don Mancini, following the events of what happened to Chucky at the end of the second movie. This is the third installment in the Child's Play franchise with Andy now sixteen and enrolled in army school.
Andy’s life was not alright after the incident, we see his struggle to get back to normal life, which is what landed him in army school.

The company that made the Good Guys doll has also had a rough eight years. The bad publicity brought about by Chucky's murders caused the company to close shop, for a while.

Now that Chucky was stopped, they decided to relaunch the Good Guy doll line again. The company restores the old factory (where Chucky's dismembered body still remains). It so happens that when they packed up the old dolls to be melted and remodeled into new ones, Chucky's body was one of them.
Chucky's blood was added into a mix and the doll made from that mix, had his soul in it.
The new Good Guy doll (first from the line) was given to the company's CEO, the doll contained Chucky and he kills the CEO. Then uses the man's computer to locate Andy.

Now that he knows where Andy was, Chucky decided to mail himself as a package to Andy. A young boy named Tyler instead of just dropping it off opened the package. Chucky decided that Tyler would be the best candidate for him to transfer his soul.

Then Andy gets wind of his presence and now both are after one another. Chucky trying to get Tyler for himself to move his soul into his body and Andy trying to stop him.

There are better things in life to do than to sit down and watch this film again, if you cannot remember the things that happened, thank your stars.


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