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Badlands (1973)

Badlands (1973)


Martin Sheen
Sissy Spacek
Ramon Bieri
Warren Oates

Directed by Terrence Malick

If you are down for a movie about an insane couple going on a killing spree, then Badlands is that movie for you. Even though is more like an insane couple where the man in it is the one doing the killings. Filled with a nice performance from Martin Sheen and a good director who had his work mapped out well to keep you watching as these two in a way did not have enough power between them to be interested when they are by themselves on screen. I found the movie average regardless of its critical acclaim. You can spot easily that the production budget on this movie was low.

The movie was written, produced and directed by Terrence Malick and the plot as said above is about a couple on a killing spree, which was their go to behavior when cornered or need something. Kit (Martin Sheen) is the unstable character who did the killings and his partner was Holly, a young fifteen year old whom Kit at twenty-five has fallen in love with.
Holly’s mother died when she was young and she and her father have a strained relationship.
Kit on the other hand was a Korean War soldier finding it hard to get on with life, after coming home. He is finding it hard to keep a job and moves from one manual labour job to another.
After they met and have been having secret meetings behind Holly’s father’s back. They were found out. Holly’s father forbid the relationship and Kit could not see why he could no longer be with Holly. He goes to her house and packs her things, but when confronted by her father Kit kills him, Holly was present. Even though Holly didn’t wish her father ill, she didn’t feel much remorse after he passed.
Kit burnt down the house and ran off with Holly.

They started their lives living off the land, until they got found out and one killing too many everyone was on their case. Even Kit’s friend was not immune to what has now seemed like an uncontrollable union.

How it all ended for this two is something you have to see if you are already happy about the synopsis. The movie is tagged significant and was nominated for numerous American Films Institute lists for being very good. The claim that this movie is a classic is something I personally do not agree with, but you as the viewer can come to that conclusion on your own when you take the time to see this movie.


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