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The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)


Denzel Washington
Meryl Streep
Liev Schreiber
Jon Voight

Directed by Jonathan Demme

Before we dive into the review of this movie, we must first say that this movie is nothing like its 1962 classic of the same name. That classic started Frank Sinatra as Ben Marco who is trying to stop the whole incident from coming to pass. This remake is also not that bad, the new update in technology and the script makes the movie a must watch along with the classic.
The performances of the actors also makes this movie a very memorable one and it removes the dark humor of the 1962 classic and adds more chills in scenes that will make the hair on your arm stand. Also, I must note the performance of Meryl Streep she to me was the person in the movie that carried it for me. She added her own charm and mastery of role that you just have to see to appreciate. We are not throwing shade on Angela Lansbury performance as Eleanor, but Streep had her beat in this remake.

Both movies are based on a book by Richard Condon in 1959. The plot follows two men, one being Ben Marco (Denzel Washington) and Raymond Shaw (Live Schreiber), who are veterans from the Persian Gulf War. Shaw was awarded a medal for his bravery and when he returns home, he is celebrated.
There are some dark elements that follow Shaw about and they are very much noticeable which makes him withdrawn and silent.
Eleanor (Shaw’s mother) used her influence to get Shaw into politics and before we know what’s happening, he is on his way to becoming the Vice-President. On the other side of things Ben (Denzel Washington) is called by is former colleague during the war about having mysterious dreams on what happened.

Ben too starts to have weird dreams which he saw himself and Shaw kill their fellow soldiers. He also sees a man who is brainwashing them and telling them things.
Ben starts to investigate what really happened when they were supposed to be fighting a war. Ben then found a chip on his body and further investigation leads him to know that the chip is from a company known as Manchurain Global. Things starts to get complicated when Ben takes his findings to Shaw to tell him that there is something wrong with what they believed happened when they were away from home.
How everything turned out from there is what you have to see this movie to discover.

Even though the movie was not a financial success, it is a welcome addition to the 1962 classic. The spin on things and the changes in the story added to the thrill.


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