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Alice in Wonderland (1951)

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Alice in Wonderland (1951)


Starring the voice of
Kathryn Beaumont
Ed Wynn
Richard Haydn

Disney’s Alice in wonderland is colorful and wonderful, introducing many characters and lots of fun, that decades after they will be remembered. The movie is an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the movie did borrow some additional elements and plots from Carroll's follow up to Alice's wonderland adventure, Through the Looking Glass.

Disney like many kids his age grew up reading Lewis Carroll’s books and during his desire to break into animation making, Disney did a short loosely based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the short was part of a series he made called Newman’s laugh-o grams.
When the Laugh-o gram series ended, Disney sourced for distributors for his idea called Alice’s Comedies which he used the loosely based Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland short from the laugh-o gram to pitch the series (Alice’s Comedies, was a live action meet animation series), he finally did find distributors and the series was done and it ran from 1924 to 1927.

After the success of Snow White, Disney then wanted to put his Alice Comedies into work, this time having the movie based more closely to its original work, after drafts and reels of the movie were being done to no approval by Disney the idea was shelved, then after World War II it was brought up again, this time Disney was determined to get it done and he saw to it that it was.

Alice in Wonderland is Disney's 13th animated feature, but it was not well received at its time of release and it didn’t do well in the box office either. This was mostly due to the uneven pace of the movie and Alice character herself was portrayed as a rock solid girl with a heart of a lion. The story plot is about a young girl named Alice (Kathryn Beaumont who also voiced Wendy Darling in Disney's 1953 Peter Pan animation) who visited a land where things were not normal and the abnormal was normal, she soon discovered that being in such a place was lonely and dreadful.

Funny enough, it is such reasons that the movie has become well received today, after its disappointing box office time, Disney didn't re-release the movie as he did his other animations, but sometime after his death and due to the time when drug use was becoming more apparent in the world, The movie found itself in vogue with the times, which later caused Disney to do a re-release of the movie in 1974 which was successful.

As said the movie has grown to be loved and respected, many homes have the DVD of the Disney masterpiece and it does stand as a grand adventure that kids and adult alike can watch and embark on.


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