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The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)

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The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)


Peter Sellers
Christopher Plummer
Herbert Lom
Catherine Schell

Directed by Blake Edwards

Here is more like it, a true comedy with a screenplay that doesn’t look ludicrous like that of A Shot In The Dark, and a plot that is so solid that makes you linger till the end to see what the outcome will be. Written, directed and produced by Blake Edwards this 1975 film in The Pink Pantherseries is breath taking funny and stands as one I will always remember.

Inspector Clouseau fake exaggerated French accent is more pronounced in this movie, The Return of the Pink Panther than the previous and Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus mishaps were funnier than expected, that i found myself looking forward to his next unfortunate mishap. The chief instrument of his (other than the existence of Clouseasu) was his inability to tell which he was holding a gun or a lighter.

The film stars Peter Sellers who reprises his role as Inspector Jacques Clouseau. The Return of the Pink Panther also stars the 84th Academy Award (2012) winner for best supporting actor (who became the oldest actor to win the award at age 82) Christopher Plummer who replaced David Niven as Sir Charles Lytton (the notorious Phantom).

In this flick the Pink Panther diamond is now back in focus as it gets stolen again, and the man who was part responsible for finding it when it got stolen the first time, was called back to help recover the stolen diamond.

The movie plot is funny to the core, with screenplays that will make you hold your ribs from bursting free. The late Blake Edwards (died in 2010) is known primarily for his comedies and this movie shows us why. The plot began in the fictional country of Lugash, a mysterious thief breaks into the National Museum, avoiding all the security pitfalls that were set in place for any prospective thief and steals the Pink Panther diamond. The mysterious thief left behind a calling card, which was a white monogrammed glove with a gold-tinted "P" on it.

Feeling outwitted by the thief who was able to get pass the elaborated security system, put in place to secure the diamond, the Shah of Lugash requests the assistance of Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) to help them as they try to recover their national treasure.

Clouseau on the other hand had been demoted to a beat cop, to patrol the streets. This was done by his boss, Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus (Herbert Lom), who despises Clouseau with a passion and dreams daily of killing him.

This movie I do recommend to comedy lovers and I will proudly say this movie is better than the remake done by Steve Martin and Jean Reno in both 2006 and 2008.


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