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Liar Liar (1997)

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Liar Liar (1997)


Jim Carrey

Directed by Tom Shadyac

Jim Carrey does have a gift for slapstick comedy, making you laugh all the way to the bank, this is the second of the three movies that Tom Shadyac and Jim Carrey made together and to me it is also my second favorite after Bruce Almightybut before Ace Ventura.

The thing for me is that Liar Lair, didn’t strike as a very funny movie, after a while the slapstick humor become more annoying than it was entertaining. The storyline which has a sticking resemblance to a Twilight series episode which will be easy to catch by twilight fans, had the tale of not being able to lie for just 24 hours, while the Twilight series episode was about the protagonist not being able to lie as long as he owned a car or something.

The movie plot is about a chronic liar and divorcee who has wrecked his home with his insensitivity, and his carelessness. With only one thing that is true in his life Fletcher (Jim Carrey) was still finding it hard to meet up to expectations as his constant lying was costing him his relationship with his son Max (Justin Cooper).

After Fletcher blew off his son’s birthday party to have sex with his co-worker (lying that he had to work) Max decided to make a wish that his father will not be able to lie for a whole 24 hours.

Now Fletcher is a lawyer, who has a multi-million dollar case that he is on at the moment, a case all built on lies and he is finding it difficult to keep at it, since he can’t lie nor ask a question knowing full well that the answer is a lie.

Well Liar Liar found a way to make a man who is insensitive and not caring find a way to have a happy ending, and all he did to learn his lesson was winning a case with some honest deductions, and chasing his son on a hijacked mobile stairway in an airport which landed him on a stretcher.

Like all other Tom and Carrey movies it was a box office hit, recouping its production cost and more. This is not my favorite Carrey movie and as I have said not my favorite of his duo with Tom Shadyac but Liar Liar has its moments. So if you are jumping on the wagon of a Carrey DVD collection; you may want to consider this one, but mind you to me it is just there.


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