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Charlie's Angels (2000)

Charlie's Angels (2000)


Cameron Diaz
Drew Barrymore
Lucy Liu
Bill Murray
Sam Rockwell
Tim Curry

Directed by McG

This movie felt more like a movie trailer.
Trailers are meant to put together parts from a movie compressed into two minutes to get your attention to want to see the movie. That is what this ninety minute movie felt like, a long trailer. You know how trailers never give you the whole story and all you really see is needless jumping, sexuality and comedic scenes making you want more. The need for more makes you want to see the film, so at the end of this Charlie’s Angel, you do not feel like as if you have seen a movie.

It ended with me wondering, “what the hell did I just watch?”

Charlie’s Angels are lady operatives who are managed by Charlie’s lieutenant named Bosley. Charlie runs a private detective agency named the Townsend Agency. This movie is a continuation of the Charlie's Angel TV series.

Here the Angels are to rescue a brilliant technological genius and also find out who stole his invention and return it. That is basically what this movie is about in one sentence.

Then of course there is the unexpected twist, which was supposed to help the movie, but the already bad plot made the twist on who the real bad guy(s) was meaningless. The lives of the Angels are in danger because of the turn of events and now they are the ones playing catch up.

To flesh it up are things you already know, each brings something different to the table. Think of all the cheesiness you can expect in one movie, Charlie's Angels got it and some more.

The fight choreography to me is all made for laughs, silly and the use of wires to make the Angels fly is more than apparent. I guess back in 2000 the girls were not ready to put anything into learning how to kick or fight properly. They used cut scenes for some fights, where you see the kick not the kicker and seeing it now twenty years later, I have to say the fights are horrible. Even the ending fights for each angel where actually get to see them fight, kick and punch was mediocre.

Other than Cameron Diaz, I felt the other two did not leave up to what their A-status. Bill Murray is way funnier than this movie made him out to be and the plot is so free for all that it is amazing that these girls get anything done.

In the end I feel more for Elizabeth Banks’ 2019 reboot and felt her version is far better than this. The world has changed significantly then it seems the best way to get these girls to do anything was for them to use sexuality. They hardly used anything else to get what was needed to complete their mission. The movie did not have anything going for it other than that.
Now Banks’ version in 2019, had a stronger plot and we saw the girls do things which means they put some effort to learning how to kick, punch and move. The whole sexuality thing was not the way they got things done in Banks’ reboot, the plot was deeper than that and they had to think and use their brains to get things done.

In the end, I feel like this 2000 version should be left in the past as one movie that did well in the box office and had good reviews because some people back then did not know any better.


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