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Police Story (1985)

Police Story (1985)


Jackie Chan
Brigitte Lin
Maggie Cheung
Chor Yeun

Directed by Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has a film series tagged Police Story, under that umbrella we have seen numerous films.
I say numerous without giving an exact number because I myself have no clue how many movies are in the franchise. Reason being some movies, have been tagged to be under the franchise, which do not have the same premise like the others, and there have been spin-off movies also.

This was the first movie in the series and arguably the best of the franchise and one of the best action movies you can see. It contains high end action scenes, elaborated stunts and a killer plot. This is a full length action film with enough comic moments for the added fun.

The way the movie writes the main setup of leaving a trail for the the villain to follow is priceless and will catch you unawares if you have not seen this movie before. Because that itself is what this movie plot is on.
Like every plan, there will always be things you will not consider, those are things that take you the viewer on a ride. Even though the police get what they wanted with their plan, they had to handle the aftermath of what comes with it.

Jackie Chan was the officer on the front line. After he caught the bad guy and his boss asked for him to be released with the hope of setting him up and getting more crimes to add to his list, so they can put him away for a longer time.
The plan seemed simple a lady who was the secretary of the villain to which the police were after has been ordered to come to court and testify against her boss, something she did not agree to. Chan was the office asked to protect her in case her life ends up being in danger.

The movie was both a financial and critical success, and the movie was directed and co-written by Chan himself. The best thing about this movie is the plot. The story/screenplay is very well written, which to me is why this movie is in high regard.

This film has huge action scenes like in the beginning you get to see Chan and the villain drive their cars down a hill through a shanty town in a car chase. Followed by Chan, hanging to a bus with an umbrella and Chan suffering second degree burns in one of the final scenes, where Chan had to slide down a pole covered with lights (similar to Christmas lights).
This movie has Chan doing a little gun shooting, don’t worry you are not deprived of Chan’s martial arts with comic relief. The movie is a must see and a collectible film, which you can see anytime and still have an exciting time watching it.


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