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Who Am I (1998)

Who Am I (1998)


Jackie Chan
Michelle Ferre
Mirai Yamamoto
Ron Smerczak

Directed by Benny Chan and Jackie Chan

Who Am I has car stunts, amazing fighting and Jackie Chan just shouting, “Who Am I?” at some very weird instances. Chan playing a man who has just lost his memory is one of the worst acting I have ever seen him done. If you remove the memory lost aspect from this film, Chan did his best in putting together a spy film that is all action oriented.

The movie has a plot that tries to twist you here and there. The bad guy as usual had the stereotypical persona, but his two supporting ladies who had his back through this movie fill in the gaps. The ladies made up for Jackie’s lack of convincing acting as someone with amnesia and the bad guy just being to stiff.

The stunts and fight scenes are what you will expect from a Chan movie and the comedy that Chan is known for shows up in the fight scenes, which was done with some amazing choreography. With Chan being as fluid as you will expect him.

It starts somewhere in South Africa, a multinational military unit kidnaps several scientists working on a newly discovered material from a meteorite. Among the military unit is a Hong Kong national (Jackie Chan).

Things did not go as planed and a helicopter accident led to the death of every man in the team except one, Chan. He fell of the helicopter and landed injured in a tribal village in the South Africa.

After probably weeks of recovery from his wounds he spots a team of rally cars racing through the desert. He sees that as an opportunity to get back to the city.

He runs to the aid of one of the crashed cars and gets a ride back to the city where he begins his journey of finding out who he is. Things start to get complicated when every he shows up, some men start to chase him trying their best to kill him. Even when he gets to the police station, it also seems the authorities want to catch him too.

He has by his side two ladies, one whom he aided at the African desert during the rally and a journalist who seem to always be at the right place at the right time.

With the two Chan is trying to get away from everyone after him and also discover who he is.

In the end of the movie you will be so impressed with the writing of the movie that you will forgive the bad acting. This is Chan's second film to be scripted and shot in English, the first one being is Mr. Nice Guy (1997), but unlike Mr. Nice Guy I can safely recommend this film as both enjoyable and fun.


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